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Hi everyone:

It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday morning here in Hamilton, Ontario. And after what has been a somewhat cooler and rainier than normal spring season, it has warmed up and brightened up in more recent days. As I write this ca. 9:30 am and look out over downtown Hamilton, it looks like God is giving us a lovely warm day. Hmm – I think once I have published this I will head out and enjoy the sunshine. But more important than the warm spring sunshine, today is the 2nd Sunday in May, so of course we continue in 2017 the time-honoured tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day every year on this day. Now I should note that I really think every day should be Mother’s Day. And Father’s Day too. Whether you are a mother or a father, I really believe that being a parent is a special calling from God. And it’s not for everyone. I am single and live alone – I’m very happy to live that way. As part of it, I knew from a very early age that I didn’t have what it takes to be a father. It just wasn’t in me and I truly believe that it’s not something God has in mind for my life. Having said that, however, I am the proud uncle of 11 nieces and nephews. I love each of them more than words can express and always will be there for them whenever they need me.

Let’s go back to Mothers Day, because in spite of what I wrote above, I want this article to be about these incredible women who have given our world so much. As some of you reading these words know, I didn’t have the best childhood growing up. I had a number of issues that I would rather not get too personal about, but let’s just say that I dealt with a number of issues which meant that I didn’t develop as quickly as most children did. I think all that continues today in my struggles with things like social anxiety. Not to mention that through the years I have battled things like mental health, a lack of self-esteem, even suicidal thoughts at times. If nothing else, however, my life has taught me to be positive, to rise up from adversity, to never hold grudges against anyone, to reach out to others who have caused me pain, to forgive them and hope they will forgive me if I have done the same to them. But most of all to be a champion, and to live my life as best I can.

Yes, I have had my dark times and my adversity as noted above. But against all that, I am so grateful that I have the best mother anyone could ever have. In spite of my challenges growing up, she never gave up on me. When I was having dark times and difficulties, I always knew that Mum was there. I talked earlier about how parenting is really a special calling from God. My mother certainly had that, and still does today. She’s an amazing person and I can never thank her enough for her love, support and so much more.

As my way of paying tribute to my mother (and by extension to all mothers worldwide), let me share with all of you two items which I hope you will enjoy. First, when Mum turned 80 in October 2012, many family members and friends gathered at a Mississauga restaurant near their home for a wonderful evening of celebration. A number of us were invited to offer tributes that night, and I was so blessed to have been asked to do so. Here’s what I said that night, hope you all enjoy it!

Second, let me share an email that I wrote to her earlier this morning for Mothers Day. It really says it all. And if you are wondering why I have references to that classic hymn “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”, that’s because there were many times during my childhood, especially when I was very young, when my life seemed so difficult that she will cradle me (or hug me when I was older) and would sing that to me. It meant so much back then and still does all these years later. So let me offer this in tribute not only to my mother, but to all mothers out there. Happy Mothers Day, not only on this Mothers Day 2017, but all year round. Until next time.

Dear Mum:

Happy Mothers Day! I can never thank you enough for all you have done for me. You have always been my greatest champion, my rock and support in dark times and so much more. And of course I have to send you this song. This is a different version from the Alan Jackson one I sent the other day. This is a beautiful live version by the country music group “Alabama” (the same group that also sang Angels Among Us, another song that always makes me think of you because you have always been my angel. I have been a fan of their music for many years). I really love this performance, it’s warm, loving and so heartfelt. And I love you too. I also want to share another video – this is a behind the scenes look at the song, written by Joseph Scriven at Rice Lake (not far from Peterborough). Just click on either link. God bless you, I love you!!


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