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Hi gang:

I wanted to share this message with all of you today, slightly adapted from a posting I wrote over on Facebook earlier this morning, and before I head out for another busy day here in Hamilton. As an aside, Hamilton is located in southern Ontario – about 50 miles west of Toronto, Canada’s largest city.

The following comes within the context of being a Canadian by birth, but with very strong American roots. My mother’s family is mostly American (my maternal grandmother was born in Robbinsdale, Minnesota on July 3, 1904). My ancestors came to America from Scotland in the spring of 1751, landing in New Castle, Delaware. My sixth great-grandfather, Nathaniel Mitchell, served in the Continental Army for three years during the Revolution, and it is my understanding that for a time he even served as a bodyguard for George Washington. In succeeding generations, my ancestors served their country in the War of 1812 and the Civil War. And in more recent times, one of my cousins served with distinction in the Navy. If you ever read this, Shannon, thank you for serving your country. She is one of many American cousins, who live in places as distinct as Schenectady, New York; Portland, Oregon;¬†Everett, Washington (just north of Seattle); and Los Angeles, California. I even have an American cousin who is a university professor in, of all places, Montreal. Patrick teaches at the Universite de Montreal – and yes, it does mean that he has learned to speak French and I gather has done so quite well. I grew up in St. Lambert (a suburb of Montreal) and even though I moved away shortly after my graduation from McGill University in 1979, I still visit the city when the opportunity arises. Next time I am “back home”, we’ll have to connect.

So as I am sure you can appreciate from what I have written above, I love America and truly desire the best for your country. I could say more but will leave it there. What follows is that slightly modified Facebook posting, I commend it to you all and hope you will share it with others:

Dear citizens of the United States of America:

Sending this to my American friends here on Facebook and to others across the USA who may come across this message. It’s your Election Day today, wishing you all the very best as you go to your local polling stations and cast your votes. I’m saying “votes” in the plural on purpose because although everyone is focusing on Clinton vs Trump, I know that you folks vote for EVERYTHING today from the White House right on down to the local school crossing guard (well, maybe not the last one, but you know what I mean). I pray that men and women of honour, integrity and solid commitment to the American people will be elected to public office today, regardless of which party they represent or which political or social views they believe in. I think it was President Kennedy all those years ago who said something like: “What we need is not a Republican solution or a Democratic solution to our problems, we need an American solution”. He was right. Praying for America today – the world will be watching, God bless you all as you make your choices today.

With heartfelt love, prayers and warmest good wishes from a Canadian who loves America and wants nothing but the best for her. God bless America, this Election Day and always.

Greg Brown

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Hi everyone:

You may be in for a surprise because I have a reputation for writing long posts. In fact, many people often tease me that concise is a word I don’t understand. But this is one time when I really will try to keep this short. At least in its original form. Over time if I find more information about online privacy that I feel should be added, I just might revise this when appropriate.

I don’t think I need to remind you that online privacy is becoming a key concern in today’s society. Especially as a growing number of people engage in online commerce or other transactions. Even if all you do is check your bank accounts every so often or make some bill payments online, there is still much to consider. I recently came across a video from KTLA in Los Angeles that offers some useful advice, and can help safeguard your info.

As I have sometimes done in the past, I originally shared this over on my Facebook page. But I also felt it might be wise to share this here on my blog so that people other than my social media contacts could also learn from these tips. I hope this video is useful and that you will share this with others. Here’s the link: http://ktla.com/2016/02/26/how-to-do-an-online-privacy-checkup/

That’s all for now, as always – feel free to share this article with anyone you wish. Until next time.

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