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Hi everyone:

It’s January 2013, and since this is my first entry for the New Year, let me start by wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. I hope that the now past Christmas/Holiday season was a great one for you. I think mine was somewhat mixed, in that I think I was visited by both Santa Claus and The Grinch. On the one hand, I had a nice Christmas with my extended family (21 people and 2 dogs on December 25 to be more precise). And my major gift from Santa was a sexy new JVC Everio video camcorder. I absolutely love it and it opens up many exciting possibilities, both for business and personal applications. I plan to put much of my content on my YouTube Channel, Channel GCB. Feel free to watch anything you wish, and share it with anyone you like.

On the other hand, I got blasted by this nasty flu bug that it seems almost everyone has had during December and January. I think I may have had it twice. The first time was right after Christmas, and it was not a pleasant run-up to New Year’s. It disappeared as 2012 ended and 2013 began, only to return more powerful that ever. I’m writing this in mid January and in all honesty it has only been in the last week or so that I can really say that I am feeling 100 per cent. To say more would make this blog irrelevant to its title except to point out that I hope it’s a long time before I feel that ill again.

We all know that December and even into January brings all sorts of retrospectives about the year just ending. 2012 was no different and it brings me to the subject of this entry. One of the most fascinating phenomenon of 2012 was a song from Korea that you just might have heard of. With a video that ultimately became the most watched video on YouTube this past year, with over 1 billion hits and counting. Of course, I am talking about Gangnam Style and its composer and perfromer, South Korean rap star PSY.

I don’t consider myself a social commentator, but I find this whole phenomenon fascinating. Not only is there the original video that as I just noted has been watched over 1 billion times (yes – that’s “B”, as my last name “Brown”), but so many parodies of the song, flash mob performances, sporting events where “GS” was played and the crowd encouraged to dance again. And that’s just for starters. I wonder what has made “GS” so popular. What is so special about this song, the video and the Gangnam Style dance that it seems the whole world has caught on? I don’t have answers to the above questions, but I just think it’s fun, enjoyable and makes people feel good. Hmm – maybe that is an answer in itself.

In writing about Gangnam Style, I fully realize that if you do watch all these videos one after another, you will get tired of the song quickly. But don’t blame me. I am just examining a cultural phenomenon, one of the things that may become a lasting memory for 2012 as the year just past fades into history. And if you want to get up and try the “GS” dance for yourself as you listen, why not?

For ease of reference, I have divided this into two sections. First, the original GS video (and a behind-the-scenes look at how it was made), as well as some articles about Gangnam Style as a cultural phenomenon. Second, some performances of GS from around the world. Fasten your seat belts, everyone, and let’s “Gangnam Style”!

Part one – Gangnam Style as a cultural phenomenon

Gangnam Style – the video that started it all

The Making of the original GS Video

An interview with PSY on the Gangnam Style phenomenon

PSY appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to teach the Gangnam Style dance

An article about Gangnam Style – from Wikipedia

An article on Gangnam Style – from The Urban Dictionary

PSY discusses the Gangnam Style dance and its origins

PSY’s reaction to the many Gangnam Style parodies

Part two – Some performances of Gangnam Style from around the world

GS performed at the Rogers Centre in Toronto during the half time show of the Buffalo Bills – Seattle Seahawks NFL game

GS performed by PSY and MC Hammer at the 2012 American Music Awards

GS – featuring the University of Oregon Duck

Novak Djokovic tries Gangnam Style at the US Open tennis tournament”

GS performed by a Serbian flash mob

Another European flashmob tries GS – this time in Sweden

One more time from Europe – now it’s a Parisian flash mob’s turn to try GS

Another flash mob tries GS – this time in Singapore!

Gangnam Style at McMaster University – Hamilton, ON

PSY performs Gangnam Style on The Today Show

PSY performs Gangnam Style in Singapore

There are, of course, thousands (if not millions!) of videos, articles and other matter on the Net that talk about Gangnam Style. But I think I have given you all enough information for today. As always thanks for reading this blog entry, I really appreciate it.

Until next time!

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