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It’s that time of year again. Thursday October 27 is my birthday. Those of you who follow my blog already know this because in 2009 I wrote an entry about my birthday and its place in history. A number of you offered positive comments to me about this, and I thank you for your kind remarks. If you haven’t seen that posting yet, use this link

Fast forward now to this year. 2011 marks my 55th birthday. Again, that might not be a surprise to some of you if you realize that my “screen name” (gcbrown1956) is taken in part from my birth year. The rest of it comes from the first letter of my name (Greg) and that of my middle name (Colin).

Now I’ll bet that some of you are wondering why I would even mention this at all. Most people don’t go around shouting to the world that it’s their birthday. It’s just not done, at least not in polite circles. And as I noted in that 2009 entry, I have never been “big” on celebrating my birthday. To me, it’s just another day on the calendar. But I wanted to mention my birthday to all of you not to sound vain, self-centered or to draw attention to myself. I do so because as I end another year of life and start the next, I want to thank all of you reading this or any of my other blog entries for playing a role in my life. For being my friends (even if it’s only online and we have never met in person) and fellow travellers on the journey of life.

And as I noted in this blog entry’s title, although it is customary for those celebrating a birthday to receive gifts, let me turn this around and offer my birthday gift to all of you – the now famous Commencement speech offered by Steve Jobs at Stanford University in 2005. Some great words of advice that all of us can take to heart and practice in our lives.

I hope that you enjoy the speech and that you will share this with others. This is, of course, especially poignant now, since Mr. Jobs passed away earlier this month from cancer.

RIP Steve – the world is a better place because of you!


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